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My Supporters

Cecilia has been an engaged supporter of Davis education and children for many years; we are lucky to have such an advocate of DJUSD and its children, running for our school board. Cecilia has been involved consistently and is ready to jump in on Day One to address the important issues our schools and our children are facing. Cecilia is my idea of a great candidate who is leading because of her engagement and enthusiasm for all of our children.

Delaine Eastin, Former CA State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Jim Provenza, Yolo County Supervisor
Lucas Frerichs, Yolo County Supervisor
Angel Barajas, Yolo County Supervisor
Will Arnold, City of Davis Mayor
Gloria Partida, City of Davis Councilmember
Delaine Eastin, Former CA State Superintendent of Public Instruction
Mariko Yamada, Former California Assemblymember
Melissa Moreno, Yolo County Board of Education Trustee
Shelton Yip, Yolo County Board of Education Trustee
Hiram Jackson, DJUSD Trustee, Area 1
Cindy Pickett, Former DJUSD Trustee
Gina Daleiden, Former DJUSD Trustee
Bob Poppenga, Former DJUSD Trustee
Cirenio Rodriguez, Former Yolo County Board of Education Trustee
Norma Alcala, West Sacramento City Councilmember
Noel J. Rodriguez, WJUSD Trustee
Karrie Sequeira-Brothers, Ed.D, Former WJUSD Trustee
Karen Rosenkilde-Bayne, Former WJUSD Trustee
Jake Whitaker, Former WJUSD Board President
Dillan Horton, City of Davis Police Accountability Commissioner
Heidy Kellison, First 5 Yolo Commissioner
Calvin Handy, Police Chief Emeritus, UC Davis
Crilly Butler, Community Member
Cathy Farman, Community Member
Jeremy Taylor, Community Member
Dzoke Mu, Community Member
Donna Provenza, Community Member

* Titles for Identification Purposes Only, Partial List


Vote for Cecilia Escamilla-Greenwald
Davis School Board, District 5
November 5th, 2024

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